Introduction to Stellar Cinema Range

ET Home Cinema have more than 20 years experience designing cinema rooms for domestic and commercial customers. 

The Stellar Cinema Range offered by ET Home Cinema is an integral part of the cinema rooms we currently install.

These products consist of Cinema Seating , Acoustic Treatment and Ceiling Star Panels and are available to purchase separately or as packages .The packages have been carefully selected by our design team to accommodate various room sizes .

Stellar Acoustic Treatment

When considering how to achieve the best listening experience for cinema , the first consideration naturally for most customers would be the quality of the speakers .

Although the speaker quality is important , it is only part of the solution for achieving an engaging cinematic experience .

The acoustic characteristics of the room( such as reflections ) will have a significant impact on the overall sound quality from the listening positions . 

With careful design , Stellar Acoustic Panels incorporating absorption , reflection and diffusion can be placed in designated areas within in the room to achieve the desired effect from the main listening positions . 

RGB Led lights can also be incorporated into the design element to create mood lighting within in the cinema room. We regularly implement this type of lighting to illuminate acoustic panels .

Speakers at the sides and rear of the room can also be hidden behind these acoustic panels without any degradation of sound quality.

Stellar Acoustic Stretch Walls and Ceilings solutions utilising a track system will be released shortly.

Stellar Star Panels

Handmade using only the finest materials; attention to detail is key to this fantastic product range. Manufactured by hand in the UK by industry experts you can really see and feel the quality of Stellar Starlight Panels. The flock is artfully hand stretched to ensure a flawless finish with only the top quality fibre-optic cable being fed giving you a sharp dynamic view of the night sky.

The thick light absorbing flock gives the appearance of a dark night sky and absorbs any stray light , perfect for cinema rooms. Whilst the 42 individually hand fed and drilled fiber-optic cables give a light twinkle mimicking the stars of the night sky.

The standard dimensions for the panels are 1m x 1m and are 3.5mm thick. Bespoke options are available .

Mounting the panels is simple with the intuitive mounting system.Nine rare earth magnets are attached to each panel which allows a quick and neat installation to metal struts attached to the ceiling or wall. As an added precaution two safety tethers are attached to each panel to eliminate the chance of a panel falling and ease the overall installation process. The Stellar panels can also be supplied with discreet specialist screws and flock covers for a more traditional mounting option. 

Stellar Starlight Panels come in a range of lighting colours. The standard colour of the panels are white with the option to upgrade to RGBW. Controlling the colours has never been easier with various control options such as RF remote control and DMX being the preferred option for integration with home automation ,allowing you to use your mobile to adapt the mix, dim, switch on and off.

Stellar Cinema Seats

The Stellar Cinema Seats have been specifically selected for their comfort and styling . The slimline profile with optional shared arm-rest enables multiple chairs to be placed in a row without taking up too much space. In a cinema room environment this can be especially important ensuring all seats are not too close to the side walls avoiding boomy bass and speaker localisation.

The cinema seats come as standard with Italian Leather finish in Black or Grey , other colours and fabrics are available by special order.